Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Newly Mad Cow in Canada

Government officials in Canada have confirmed a fourth case of mad cow disease on Monday. A six-year-old Holstein-Hereford dairy cow has the unfortunate distinction of being the latest case of BSE to hit Canada. This comes hot on the heels of Japan's decision to halt all beef shipments form the US. It's thought that contamintated feed, left over from before Canada banned inclusion of ruminant protein from cow chow, is the culprit. Reuters has more:
Canada confirmed its fourth home-grown case of the brain-wasting disease just as the financial strain on its cattle industry from previous mad-cow-related trade bans had started to ease.

Government and industry officials played down odds that the case will prompt the United States to renew trade restrictions, but U.S. cattle prices initially rose on speculation that may happen.

The announcement also came as the U.S. beef industry tried to persuade Japan, a top export customer, to lift a new halt it slapped on U.S. shipments last week.


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