Thursday, July 20, 2006

...And that makes seven.

Well, it looks like Canada's slow march of BSE-laden cows hasn't come to an end. Last week a brand new case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy was diagnosed in a four-year old dairy cow who was put down on a farm rather than in a slaughter house. The important point here is that it was born five years after a feed ban was put into effect in Canada in 1997. If that's the case, where did she get BSE? Where did the infected feed come from? Is there more out there? The CBC talks about it:
Samples of the dead cow were sent to the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease in Winnipeg for testing.

Harry Haney, president of the Independent Breeders Service near Airdrie, said finding another Canadian cow with BSE wasn't unexpected.

"Other countries that have had cases of BSE have also seen this kind of a situation, where in fact the cow, born after the feed ban was put in place, has come up with the disease," he said Thursday.

"Again, we'd rather it didn't happen, but in terms of the science and the risks to human health, it's not an issue."


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