Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Mad Cow Case - Alabama

The third case of mad cow disease in the US was confirmed today. It was a beef cow that was more than 10 years old and at this time it's not known where the cow came from. ABCNews.com has more information:
A routine test last week had indicated the presence of the disease. Results were confirmed by more detailed testing at a government laboratory in Ames, Iowa, Clifford said.

U.S. investigators have found two previous cases of mad cow disease. The first was in December 2003 in a Canadian-born cow in Washington state. The second was last June in a cow that was born and raised in Texas.
Luckily, we have the USDA claiming that beef sales won't be hurt. <sarcasm>Thank goodness for that.</sarcasm>
"I do not think it will have a negative impact on trade with other countries," Johanns told reporters during a visit to Poland.