Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Canadian Cows And Their Wily Ways

Well, it looks like the inspection and documentation requirements that were supposed to keep our bodily fluids from getting contaminated by Canadian cow juice have broken down. All Canadian cows destined for the US are supposed to get ear tags for tracking and identification purposes and birth certificates showing that they're less than 2 and a half years old. From the Chicago Tribune:
In a memo dated March 7, 2006, representatives of one American cattle operation wrote, "52 head of the 60 came in NO EID. The papers have a mixture of EID & bar codes for official tags. We recorded the bar codes (although a couple came in with no tags at all) and gave them our EID tag." ... "We had a load come in with the wrong health papers all together," stated an e-mail dated April 6 to the state from a cattle firm. "It was never caught at the border." The correct health papers for that load of 66 cattle, the e-mail's author noted, were later obtained from officials at the Canadian border.


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